My day job as humble office worker has me navigating a fast paced environment with little time to stop and look around. Photography for me is the opposite of that. It is a meditation that requires attention and commitment only found when taking a moment to look around and breath, ready to engage with what might happen next. When given the time to consider my surroundings I am able to find a place in the world rather than a position within a company. Then during the scan and edit process I can revisit that place and share it with others in the hope of finding some kinship.

Current Equipment (as of May 2020):

  • Ricoh GR II Digital
  • Ricoh GR1S
  • Mamiya 645 Pro TL + 80mm 2.8 lens

Goals (as of May 2020):

  1. Meet other photographers
  2. Learn portrait photography
  3. Produce 3 photographic zines in 2020
  4. Publish street photography book