“Contact” – Southampton, 2017

In my 33 years I haven’t really taken to remembering any firsts unless they were truly life changing. I remember the first time I heard ‘No One Knows’ by Queens of the Stone Age premier live in my bedroom or at least on Zane Lowe’s evening Radio 1 show at the time. I have fond memories of my first and only foray into music production, singing a made up rhyme into an old stereo + microphone combo for an elaborate Lego creation I made with a friend. I share a little less fondness for acquiring my first scar, a game of kiss chase gone awry ending up with my forehead meeting a curb.

Yet trying to recall the first picture I ever took is a fruitless endeavour. I remember the camera, a yellow and grey Minolta ‘waterproof’ camera for which I cannot prove its waterproofness, but the images I took with it did nothing to change my perspective on the world. Like many things, lost to time is the first thing I drew, film I saw, song I heard, or person I connected with.

Instead I am left with the best of each, those I have found favour in due to the joy or accomplishment they have provided me. Who knows what the first song I heard was and really, who cares when I can blast the entirety of ‘Songs for the Deaf’ and relieve various memories from my youth. In case you were wondering, my favourite drawing was of a Gundam I drew one summer visiting my dad while devouring Linkin Park’s ‘Reanimation’ record that was released the day prior. Memory is a funny thing.

All of this is to say there are thousands of photos I have taken over the 20+ years of owning various cameras and engaging with the hobby to different degrees throughout that time. Yet much like this first blog post, and many others I am sure, they will be forgotten, with only my favourites seeing the light of day and the best lasting the test of time.

As with any skill, first is generally worst.

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